Managed Warehousing (3PL)

DIY / Horticulture Logistics

With unique seasonality and retail delivery needs, RPC has the expertise and scalability to deliver anywhere in the country

A Partner with Experience

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Working in this field for over 25 years, RPC has been delivering products to garden centers across Auckland and the greater region.

As we have grown, our focus has diversified to see us working in building and DIY products too. RCP pick orders and deliver to garden centers and DIY stores throughout Auckland, and New Zealand every week.

Thinking Outside the Box to Build Solutions

It's not just about a 'one size fits all' mindset. We work with our customers to find solutions that help provide best in class service and solutions.

Variable Storage Solutions

Indoor and outdoor storage solutions give us the opportunity to provide different cost models for different product

Bulk Transport Solutions

Experience and understanding in moving product in bulk. This includes bulk garden mixes via tip trucks, or large loads of pallets and stock via curtain sider trucks to garden centres & DIY stores.

Stock Management Solutions

Assistance in managing raw materials, manufacturing/assembly and finish product stock levels and management.

End to End Visibility

Complete visibility of your products from start to finish. Track by batch number, serial number, expiry date, product/SKU, delivery address and more. All available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Success Story

Living Earth

With a relationship spanning for more than 15 years, RPC manages all retail movements for Living Earth.

From the bulk product moving from their manufacturing facility, to the bagged products moving from the RPC DC to retail garden centers, RPC provides an end to end transport & logistics service.

Nationwide Delivery Network

With warehousing capabilities in The North & South Island, and transport networks that deliver Nationwide, we provide a all in one solution that help move businesses forward.

Nationwide Services

North & South Island warehousing solutions


Full visibility, with updated delivery status' and live POD's 24/7

Flexible Transport Solutions

Transport solutions to support all industries alike, delivering anywhere in the country.

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