Packaging & Measuring Freight

Whether you have products moving around the world, or up the road, packaging your goods for transport is important in order to reduce the risk of damage. Below are some pointers on how to package and measure your goods to ensure safe transit and accurate pricing.

Guide to packaging & measuring freight for transport

Pallet Loading RPC
  • If you are packing your goods into a carton, ensure that you do not overcrowd your boxes. Have a little space left over and add packaging material like bubble wrap to reduce the risk of damage in transit
  • Use the correct cartons for the goods that you are moving and where there is space in the carton, add additional packaging material to ensure product doesnt move around in transit
  • Ensure there are ways people can identify your cartons or pallets. Remember, when in transit your goods could be with thousands of other cartons or pallets. Labels and additional stickers all assist in the fast and safe transit of your goods
  • When packing pallets, do not let the product overhang the pallets and keep the pallet as square as possible. Ensure the product is wrapped and potentially strapped to the pallet if required
  • If the goods must overhang, ensure that the product is wrapped and strapped to the pallet. Add additional material to the ends such as cardboard to assist in reducing the change of damage when loading and in depots

Measuring Freight

It’s crucial that you measure your freight correctly to ensure you receive the right price estimates. When freight moves, it is always remeasured, so if not done correctly, you might end up with charges that you haven’t accounted for.

  • Length x Width x Height is the cubic volume of the package you are sending. It’s important to note which is which, as this may impact the cost of the transport
  • Always weigh your products accurately too, as the cost of transport is based on the cubic volume, and the weight (Kg’s)
Measuring Goods

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