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Our eCommerce fulfilment services are designed to unlock the full potential of your business, whether you're a startup or an established brand

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Utilising a logistics provider to fulfil your orders can be daunting, but these services are our specialty!

Leverage from our capabilities to grow your business and take the fulfilment & distribution point off of your list. We provide competitive solutions to get your online orders to your customers around the country and around the world.

With more than 40 years of experience in 3PL Logistics & transport, RPC has the knowledge and technology to allow your company to grow. We support you, fulfilling your orders faster, and keeping your customers happy.

Our standard Integrations

Features & Platform Integrations

With a host of platforms we already have integration capability with, you can relax knowing that it’s something we have done before.

Nationwide & Worldwide Parcel Solutions

Strong courier partners allow us to deliver not only nationwide, by world wide every day. With partners including The Freightways Group & DHL, we are integrated with networks that get the job done.

Online Visibility

Visibility through integration and online portal access keeps you updated whenever, wherever. With 24/7 technology access, you have full transparency at your fingertips.

Automated Messages

Automated messages update customers on warehouse shipments, offering tracking numbers for their convenience and reducing the time your team spend on customer service and manual updates.

Pick, Pack & Dispatch

Once integrated, your orders are received instantly, and are available for our teams to pick and pack. Whether your customer orders at 11am in the morning, or 11pm at night, we receive the order, pack and dispatch it within 24 hours.

Goods receiving 
& Management

Before you can start fulfilling, first we have to have stock in our warehouse. We assist you in managing the process once the goods land in NZ via LCL or FCL. We pickup the goods from port, receive and check the goods into the warehouse, and carefully put the product away, noting all stock into our system. Inventory management is a specialty of ours, and we pride ourselves on keeping your goods safe while in our care.

24/7 Realtime visibility

Access to the fulfillment status of your orders, 24/7 from anywhere. You see everything as it happens, and your customers receive notifications through the process! With best in class technology, you can rest easy knowing your fulfilment, logistics and distribution services are taken care of.

Nationwide courier services

With relationships in place for more than 20 years, you are leverage from our partnerships to get competitive, nationwide deliveries of your orders. With pickups from our fulfilment center multiple times a day, you are utilising the best courier network in NZ to have your orders delivered.

An end-to-end solution

An end-to-end supply-chain solution. This means that we handle your goods once they arrive in the country, to the point orders are delivered to your customer's door. Our logistics & fulfilment solutions are activity-based, meaning you only get charged for what you use and you have visibility through the whole process.

This Includes

  • Arranging the product to be picked up from port or airport
  • Receiving the goods, checking condition and quantities
  • Dry, clean & secure facilities
  • Inventory visibility, low stock notifications, order tracking and delivery receipts available in real time
  • Order fulfillment within 24 hours
  • Best in class delivery network nationwide
  • Flexible packaging solutions, working with you to exploit the customer unboxing experience

Fulfillment updates and reporting

Through our integrations, once your orders have been packed and dispatched, we can update the fulfillment status. This keeps your team updated on what has been completed and sent, without you having to follow up!

Success Story

Mr Pink

Mr. Pink, have been designing, making and supplying New Zealanders with laundry based products since 1986.

Working together for more than 10 years, RPC Logistics provides multiple warehousing and fulfilment solutions for Mr Pink Nationwide. Between our partnership, we have setup customised warehousing and transport solutions to allow Mr Pink to sell nationwide, providing both B2B and B2C Logistics Solutions.

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