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Container Devanning for Seasonal Fashion Drops: A Critical Step in the Supply Chain

When the latest fashion trends hit the runway, retailers and designers are eager to bring these styles to market quickly. One often overlooked but crucial step in this process is container devanning. This practice ensures that the newest collections are unpacked efficiently, sorted, and prepared for retail distribution. Here’s a look into why container devanning is essential for seasonal fashion drops.

What is Container Devanning?

Container devanning, also known as unloading, is the process of unpacking cargo from shipping containers. For the fashion industry, this involves removing clothing, accessories, and other fashion items from containers that have traveled across oceans and continents to reach their final destinations.

The Importance of Timing

Seasonal fashion drops are time-sensitive. Trends move fast, and what’s hot today might not be tomorrow. Retailers need to have the latest collections on the shelves as quickly as possible to meet consumer demand and capitalise on trends. Efficient container devanning helps ensure that merchandise arrives at stores in perfect condition and on time, avoiding costly delays.

How RPC Logistics supports retailers getting their goods to market!

RPC Logistics are experienced partners in offering a key container cross-dock and drop shipping solution throughout New Zealand. Whether you are located in New Zealand, Australia, Europe or Asia, we are able to assist you in getting your goods to the store, right in nick of time. This allows you to run a just-in-time model, keeping inventory costs lower and customers happier as new trends continue to run through.

We have the ability to split stock down to any order size, and ship out to market asap. Whether we need to send the goods to retail stores to go on the shelves or direct to consumers’ doors via a courier satchel, our team and technology give you confidence and full visibility of all products and orders.

Key Steps in the Devanning Process

Pre-Planning: Before the container arrives, the RPC logistics teams plan the devanning process. This includes determining the best location for devanning, how many products and units in the container. We also assess the order requirements, to allow us to plan how we will process the container once it arrives.

Safety and Inspection: Once the container arrives, it is carefully opened and inspected for any signs of damage. Ensuring that the items are intact and match the inventory list is crucial.

Unloading: The container is unloaded systematically. For fashion items, this means handling garments with care to avoid damage. Specialized equipment and skilled personnel are often required to handle delicate items.

Inventory Management: Once unloaded, we count all units and skus to ensure they match up with the information you have been provided by the suppliers and are as expected

Sorting and Storage: After unloading, items are sorted based on the order requirements we assessed before container arrival and any other relevant factors. They are then stored in a way that makes it easy to pick and pack for distribution.

Quality Control: A final quality check ensures that all items meet the brand’s standards. This step is critical in the fashion industry, where the quality of the product can significantly impact brand reputation.

Benefits of Efficient Container Devanning

  • Speed to Market: Faster devanning means quicker delivery to stores & customers, allowing retailers to meet consumer demand and reduce the risk of overstocking outdated items.
  • Cost Savings: Efficient processes reduce the need for long-term storage and minimize costs associated throughout the supply chain.
  • Inventory Accuracy: Proper devanning ensures accurate inventory counts, which is vital for managing stock levels and preventing shortages or overages.
  • Damage Reduction: Careful handling during devanning reduces the risk of damaging products, which can otherwise lead to financial losses and customer dissatisfaction.


If you are looking for a partner to assist you with your retail supply chain needs, dont hesitate to reach out to the team are RPC Logistics. We would be happy to work on a bespoke solution that fits your needs!

Compliance & Visibility

Through the container devanning and cross-docking service, you are kept updated and have full visibility of the inbound process. Providing all relevant information you require, whether that be batch/serial numbers, expiry dates, damage and anything else you might need.

We can also provide additional value added services such as labelling, repacking and more.

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