Mastering E-commerce Logistics with RPC:

A Comprehensive Guide

In the evolving world of e-commerce, efficient logistics are the core of a thriving business. At RPC Logistics, we excel in e-commerce and B2C logistics, leveraging our 40 years of experience in the industry, simplified processes, and extensive network to deliver exceptional service. Whether you’re dealing with supplements, pharmaceuticals, retail, fashion, FMCG products, or food items, RPC is equipped to manage all your logistics needs with precision and care.

Expertise in E-commerce Logistics

Product Handling

Our logistics capabilities are supported by certifications, including ISO, HACCP, and RMP. These certifications ensure that we can store and handle a diverse range of products safely and efficiently. From delicate pharmaceutical products to high-demand fashion items, our facilities maintain the integrity of every product.

Consumer Goods Logistics

Supplements and Pharmaceuticals

Handling supplements and pharmaceutical products requires specialised knowledge, infrastructure and care. Our team is trained to manage these products with the highest standards of care, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. This guarantees that products reach customers in perfect condition, maintaining their efficacy and safety.

Retail, Fashion, and FMCG Products

In the quick moving and growing world of retail, fashion and FMCG, speed and reliability are crucial. Our streamlined processes and technology enable same-day dispatch, ensuring that your products are delivered to customers quickly. Our partnerships with key courier services facilitate nationwide and global distribution, making it easy to reach customers wherever they are.

Pallet Loading RPC

Food Products

Food logistics demand strict hygiene. With pest control management and 24/7 surveillance, our secure premises ensure that food products are stored in a safe environment. Our robust processes are designed to maintain product safety from storage to delivery. With HACCP, RMP & ISO requirements built into our processes, RPC has the capability and systems to help you manage your food products from end to end

Strong Network and Partnerships

Company Setup and Accounting

Our extensive network of partners can assist with everything from company setup to accounting, helping you streamline your operations and focus on growth. We provide support for importing products from offshore to New Zealand, ensuring a smooth transition into new markets.

Customer Service and 4PL Services

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of our logistics operations. Our 4PL services offer comprehensive support, managing your entire supply chain to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. With multiple daily collections and a strong transport network, we ensure that orders are processed and dispatched promptly.

Ecom integrations logistics

Technology and Integration

Stock Integration and Custom Solutions

Our solutions also provide full visibility and integration capabilities. We support stock integration with many off-the-shelf systems, ensuring seamless operations. Custom-built integrations are also available, tailored to your specific needs. 

These integrations provide real-time updates, automatic status notifications, and 24/7 visibility, keeping you informed at every stage of the order process.

Automated Customer Notifications

Keeping customers informed is key to building trust and satisfaction. Our system automatically sends tracking and order updates directly to customers, ensuring they are always in the loop about their delivery status. This transparency reduces customer inquiries and enhances the overall shopping experience.

Secure and Efficient Operations

Safety and Security

Our premises are equipped with advanced security measures, including 24/7 surveillance and pest control management. These measures ensure that all products are stored in a secure and hygienic environment, maintaining their quality until they reach the customer.

Fast and Reliable Dispatch

Speed is essential in e-commerce logistics. Our strong processes and high expectations allow us to offer same-day dispatch, getting your products into the transport network as quickly as possible. With multiple partners, we offer flexible delivery options, enabling customers to choose the service that best suits their needs.

Nationwide and Global Distribution

Through our partnerships with leading courier services, we offer reliable delivery both nationwide and globally. Whether your customers are in New Zealand or across the world, we ensure timely and safe delivery of your products.

At RPC Logistics, we understand the complexities of e-commerce logistics and have developed robust solutions to address them. Our expertise, strong network, advanced technology, and secure operations make us the ideal partner for managing your e-commerce logistics. Trust us to keep your products safe, ensure timely deliveries, and provide exceptional customer service, so you can focus on growing your business.

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